Hardware facilities

Real time simulators:
RTDS (3 chassis)
Opal-RT (1 rack)
Renewable energy test beds including different types of wind and PV generators
Smart grid test bed
Microgrid control systems
Protective relays, PMUs
High performance computer servers (12+)
Software defined network switches (12+)

Software packages developed in the lab

Power system analysis packages
Power quality analysis
Power system reliability and risk assessment: Transmission, Distribution, Substation, Communication, etc.
Harmonic and interharmonic measurement

Power and Energy Engineering Library

We also maintain a small library of power system and power electronic related books, industry reports, manuals and publications that is available for loan to students in our laboratory. The collection includes both up-to-date monographs and classic power textbooks.

Other facilities

Every student has access to up-to-date computing facilities and professional software packages. Our group has a spacious, technologically-advanced meeting room for group activities and meetings.